Paradox of Time

assuming time is casual, we are already tripping through time. We fall through moments too small to discern any temporal movement from one to the next. the very act of sensing is also an act of prophecy. You see a truck barreling down the street some twenty meters away and know that if you do not move out of the way, you’re sorely fucked. The waft of warm apple pie as you step into the house foretells tonight’s dessert. How far one may travel into the future is limited by the capabilities of their sensory organs. The past is hidden in the folds of memory which are ghosts of events. Memory is an artificial construct that, once lodged in the tangle of neurons, reiterates until it fades like an old photograph.

acausal time is a whole different song and dance. Time has no momentum; it is stalled, with all possible moments frozen in a glittering vista of infinite possibility, waiting to be unpacked (rather, stepped into) when choice is created. acausal time is non-linear. If all moments are present, of what function is time?


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