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What do you know about being deaf?


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  1. I know quite abit about being deaf. Not as much about the culture as you do, but I do know about the deafness part. I could only hear minimal noises with aides. Since not being able to get my aide fixed, I am completely deaf. Took me a while to get used to it. I do miss not being able to hear certain things, even though it was not a lot. But they meant a lot to me. My daughters voices, laughters, and music, not just feeling the beats but hearing it. Its very different from feeling and hearing. I am not saying that I wish I wasn’t deaf, I’m saying that I have a different view of life. People treat me differently than before, especially my own family. They still forget I’ve not wore my aide for 8 months now. So when they try to get mad at me for not hearing them when they holler my name, I remind them I don’t have my hearing aid anymore. They’re amazed still that I read their lips very well without my hearing aide and I don’t depend on it to understand people. I depended on it to hear people call my name, or hear things I wanted to hear. So I’d say I know something if not everything about what its like being deaf. šŸ™‚

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