8 Year Old Guitar Hero
YouTube.com Responses & Comments:

longhorn187 (12 hours ago) you can see if u watch close the controller isnt even plugged in. de de de. it looks like its plugged into the fish tank. de de de

earthan (11 hours ago) Oh, also, if you start watching at 00:52 and follow the controller cord from the PS2 on the floor, you’ll note that it does in fact lead to the guitar controller in the kid’s hand. It’s looking more and more real to me.
In addition, you can hear how many notes he doesn’t hit. Why fake something without faking it perfectly.
If it’s real, it’s DAMN impressive.

wookins1 (11 hours ago)What I think is funny is that half of you guys worship this child and the other half want to murder him. All this over a video game. (I play video games too, don’t persecute me for the aforementioned video game comment.)




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