…and there was one…

The Children of Men is the closest thing to a M. John Harrison novel on celluloid, in terms of style and quality (also smacks a passing resemblance to his earlier work, The Committed Men). A vividly realized future with brutal overtones of dystopia that unfolds like a novel. I haven’t been riveted to my seat by a flick in so long.

EDIT: what disgusts me the most about this movie is they fucking told the entire story on the ass end of the dvd case in a teeny-weeny paragraph. A movie as good as this should have been given some goddamn respect by the marketing executives pushing bottled dreams; the special features, on the other hand, places a warm glow in me heart. Full of fun goodies, but mainly because it has subtitles, which is quite the rarity for that corner of the dvd.


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