Captain Unconscious on Autopilot

Sometimes I am frightened to drive, but I’ve learned to trust my autonomic nervous system.

I often have no recollection of getting from point A to point B. I sit down in that ratty brown seat, its familiar and comfortable embrace a caress on my keister as I start my lovely beat-up Toyota. It is then I get out of the car at my destination and wonder how the hell it is that I surrendured completely to my unconscious, let it take the wheels, so to say. But, hey, my best thinking is done on the road and I haven’t turned any old ladies into speed bumps… so far.

Does anyone ever do that with Life? Rush about as months flash by like the spokes of a whirring bicycle wheel, waking at the very last moment to exclaim ‘Oh! Hey, I’m dead.’


One response to “Captain Unconscious on Autopilot

  1. I don’t think anybody ever ended their destination with “OHAY, IM DED!” unless they know something I don’t about making penultimate statements from beyond the grave (which I guess speaks for itself as they might not be buried just yet).

    However, I too know the awkward thrill of going on “automatic” while driving… usually while I’m drunk. Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jagermeister is my co-pilot.

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