Blast from the past: an old blog entry

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My ears ring all the time. Sometimes it’s loud. Sometimes if I’m paying attention I can play it like a frenzied conductor and his wand in front of an orchestra, swinging the mind’s arms to a frenetic pounding techno beat. Today I realized something: the ringing intensifies when I am at the library. It’s as if my head is buzzing, like when you are walking near heavy machinery. I have noticed it on occasions but never really put it together til now. I walk past the rows upon rows of shelves and my ears sing. I like to think that it s the books bleeding into my thoughts, beckoning me to come come caress their glossy covers, to trail my fingers on their pulpy pages, and feast my eyes upon the slathers of dark ink that make up that particular world within world. I am sorry I’m not able to oblige all those lonely souls bundled up between sheafs of glue and cardboard, gathering dust until a wayward stranger or a very fortunate Anobium pertinax has the mind to feast upon those pages.

5 responses to “Blast from the past: an old blog entry

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