For the superstitious:

What does it mean when a white cat crosses your path, especially one rednecked with a band that is followed suit by a sloshing furred flap of excess bellyflesh?


2 responses to “For the superstitious:

  1. It’s like a deer crossing. There’s a dilemma: If there’s a car close behind you, you must not jam on your brakes because you could endanger the human life of the car behind you and your own life — you must kill the deer to save human life as a higher priority. Is a beer belly worth saving if he won’t go to school. I don’t know…. But some cats are cool despite their seemingly uncouthness. Sometimes if you don’t cross their path but wave from the sidelines you can get some distracted attention from them that can be used to reveal the goodness of the smallest creature to them and while they are mellow charm them away from killing what they think is a threat. Finding the right milk for a white cat is tricky, but lions are interesting when they’re not eating.

  2. I believe the goodness of the smallest creature to them attributes to its culinary delightfulness. When you’ have had a cat bring half eaten baby rabbits and birds into the kitchen, you begin to wonder what contributes a cat’s playful nature. I guess that’s what happens when you toy with a fistful -whoops, pawful- of claws. Well does not eating also factor in the hunt? It’s quite the sight.

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