Found Excerpts: random shit

we leak radiation. our cells are constantly regenerating. we tend to remain in one approximate location for a good amount of time. Perhaps hauntings are just non-baryonic memories of us, the residue of our subatomic matter that has congealed and collected in the quantum foam in a specific locale, ghosts of an event. perhaps that is why some places have a feel of presence…

I don’t know what it s like to be three; I only remember a photograph

because the earliest eyepatches were rags stuffed inside charred and bloody eye sockets. these rags were already filthy to start with, and bloated by blood and ash it naturally darkens. in the wash of naphtha bar-light filtered, through an atmosphere of tobacco smoke and eye-watering blear of ethanol fumes, the abode of the absconded organ is dark as dark can be. its ocular neighbor glitters in the pathetic light

Flagrantly fragrant, the vagrant stumbles out of the perfume parlour reeking of Mi Amour.

superstition doesnt have such a large role these days as they did in the past. colors had more definitions than names. symbols actually defined some obscure meaning, rather than the relief on wallpaper patterns. it is difficult to tell now because a lot of references and terms are being obscured by modern pop culture’s jive. take disney. ask a child about the story of aladdin, and chances are they ll pipe up an explanation of the movie. the now is slowing smudging the million yesterdays of human memory into bleary obscurity

imaginary? i d argue that s sketchy. one cant completely understand the umwelt of another living being; a sort of solipsism is in action, and if an “imaginary” being (to you and me) is present, it is incontrovertibly and inconceivably real to the recipient.


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