She wanted to elope but first, on the by way, needed some butter. So he, eighteen, absconded from his abode, unsalted sweet cream in hand, to leave his parents’ final impression of him a refrigerator missing a stick of butter. What buttery state of affairs is this?

Olive juice, once the last olive with its bit of pimento has made its final bob and is fished out of its container, goes down the drain. Glass, a class act of brittle neutrality to polar and non-polar entities alike indifferent to what and why fluids are spilled or not. The hand that reaches for the jar grasps its objective and ambulates it to an upright challenged position directly above a bowl of beaten metal inset with a drain hole and adjustable plug. The mind that moves hand knows not what moves it as the olive juice is poured and the jar is then washed to a luster and delegated to a cabinet organized for efficiency and maximum compartmentalization to accommodate glass jars with vegetable origin.

What is the diameter of a rabbit’s asshole? It depends on the size of the carrot.


2 responses to “riff-raff

  1. …and whether it was a wascally wabbit or not, because the tastes of such rabbits are known to be deviant. Either that or Daffy’s finally snuck up on Bugs.

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