Debit Woes

When you use a debit charge card at the pump, an amount closely approximating fifty dollars, plus your charge amount, is withdrawn from your account, to be redeposited after the passage of a few business days when the bill has been verified. Quite often, as I was, you might be caught unawares that such an event has occurred and, falsely misled into thinking your funds were secure and accurate, used your account as tender for further purchases to, surprise! find yourself embroiled up to your neck in wtf surcharges. So if you’re subsisting on an income equivalent to that of a college student, as I am, ’tis better to pay your fuel purchases in cash. Greenygreengreen wads of papery linen.

Accounts dealing in electronic funds do not have your best interests in mind, especially that of credit card companies. The reason you’re getting so many applications for credit cards is that there is a high likelihood that your credit rating is so-so and doesn’t compare to that of, Donald Trump, perhaps. People with decent credit and people who pay their bills on time are despised by the card companies because they are subverting the law of interest: trap, trapping, trapped into a lifetime of financial slavehood.

Capitalism… in the hands of greed only reduces the concern a man has for his fellow man, and the more traditional methods of procuring food and bed in the wilds of nature evolve into a demoralizing panoply of action in the cloistered streets of the city: prostitution, dope peddling, larceny, and even murder. It’s not to say money is the root of all evil, but the belief in money that is the root of most evil.


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