all the vu’s

after the typical morning bout of presque vu, strong sense of deja vu here at the computer, door opening spilling sunlight she walking through, ex-him dapper slicked back hair white teethsmiling following her moonbeam teeth tumbledowned under hydrogenspectrastarred eyes, patter of little feet pushing air into, heated outsidelight strangely cooling the insidedark nervous trepidation dissolving into scattered moment chilling me back hunched over the keyboard a wtf pasted on my face. a Dr. william tickel, death of, detailing a celebration service dated 2006, where did that window in my internet browser come from, and flashes me jamais vu to a blog remark i made, stating that the tickel fella blogger jested (tickel’s a funny name for a chiropractor) was deceased, granting my post the privilege of being passed over by the blog owner’s seal of approval. all in a matter of minutes. crikey. just how many vu’s are there?


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