Mouseying Down the River

I woke from a sleep so strange I had to lay until my head cleared. I dreamed I was a mouse in a wild rushing river blue chasing after a garish green pea that would bob and dunk away from me as I surged along. Before long I had a multitude of peas that flocked ahead of me, tended to by a pair of bright guppies that would dart to and fro across the watery course and nudge peas, if they should become errant, back into the fold. I held a stick with which I poked and pushed smooth green peaskin. Down down down the ever-constant current, the ever-vigilant peaherder, until I frothed out into the fleeting confusion of the waking moment.

2 responses to “Mouseying Down the River

  1. If I may pull a Nabokov, to suggest you might have explored your situation a bit more extensively to find that, perhaps, you had some wings under that carapace and neglected to put to good use the opportunity to spread them and fly away from your distasteful situation, instead of wasting away from your pathetic self-pity in your pathetic room, dung beetle! Maybe you’d have found yourself a nice little lady bug to play with, somebug to appreciate the insect within.

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