The Codex Gigas Revisited

I’ve noticed a lot of searches for the Codex Gigas torrent leading people to this site, to their dismay, perhaps, because there’s nothing here but linguistic acrobatics. No longer! I aim to give the public what they seek! I had no luck finding the Codex Gigas after I read that article, but today I did a little digging and found a site that reveals the entire manuscript by way of extremely high resolution photos. I imagine a patient and crafty fella or dame could compile a torrent of this book, but this will suffice for now; I’ve a mind to have a copy of that myself. The content fools me into thinking it’s comprehensible, but not so, thanks to my marked lack of education when it comes to foreign languages, especially one as Bohemian as this. It’s called the Devil’s Bible only because there is a page length drawing of the ol’ splitfoot, in diapers, to boot! More accurately, this book is an historical tome detailing the stories of Israel, and even includes a full copy of both testaments in the Holy Bible. But let’s not detract from its majesty with histrionic fits over semiotics.

Ladies and Gentlemen, heeeeerrreeee’s the Codex Gigas!


2 responses to “The Codex Gigas Revisited

  1. Why am I not surprised to see you here, Lolita? Your penchant for the seasoned bleeds even outside your indigenous medium but, I say, you should draw the line at geriatric bibliophilia. Nobody likes books with water damage.

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