Mullinville, KS: The Sculptures of M.T. Ligget

On highway 400 of west Kansas, our passage gave tantalizing glimpses, glintlights in headlight glare, of a night shrouded assembly of oddities consisting of twisted metal and cannibalized road signs. I was determined to view them in their fullness on our way back and, boy, was I glad I did! I snapped some nice pictures, and more can be seen at this site, though it doesn’t beat the reality. If you view west Mullinville on google maps, you’re able to see the sculptures ranging for approximately a mile, give or take, right at the city limits.

Obviously not a favorable opinion of the First Ladies. That Gore’s a bleeding heart, huh? He resembles characters from The Yellow Submarine.

Not a fan of Cheney as well, as is evident. Interestingly enough, the original design of this sign was attributed to James Carville (check out an older photograph) the brains behind Clinton’s presidential campaign, and the head is supposed to be Monica Lewinsky. Well, that Carville must’ve done something really bad, as Liggett had nothing good to say, you saw, if you clicked on that link.

I don’t know what to make of this, but I like it. Look at the prolific distribution of these sculptures in the background!

See, his nose is a cock, and her mouth is a cunt. Lingam and Yoni. Their hands come bearing gifts, hers his masculinity, and his her femininity. Her unclothed and wrenched, to appeal the male sensibilities, and him flowered and daintily dressed to suit the female demands. O Bobbleheads of Mankind, what unoriginal sin doth thou dare to commit? Love, naturally… you were thinking of something else, weren’t you? Heh heh.


I bet you that feminists had a ball with this. Irreverent perspective of the breast cancer epidemic? Perhaps, but it strikes close to the truth. Nobody wants to say tata to tatas.

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