My girlfriend is a conspiracy theorist 😦


7 responses to “Geez

  1. I thought all you said was “My girlfriend is a conspiracy theorist.” …in which case, she might be a little bit …er, lacking in intelligence? But none of my business, I’ll move on! 🙂

  2. Conspiracy theorists, quite admittedly, are often missing a few bats in their belfries, but in the subject matter, which, regrettably, will remain incognito to inquiring minds, of the discussion in question, my deliciously hot significant other retains her facilities and has given me no grounds for deporting her from the lapping shores of my heart, although, mantecanaut, in most cases, your advice would do to be wisely heeded. As for my pet chimp, it needs a friend and some female company is always good.

  3. If nothing else was worth reading here, I would have added you to my blogroll based on the commentary alone.
    Too entertaining to let float on.

    Thanks for the add and comment.

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