Cheeseburger Hill

The advent of warm days, oddly enough, encourages congestion in throat of city, and the warm sidewalk is laid bare of human feet. Except… for two large individuals, who barely squeeze their portions within the wide sloping sidewalk. One, him, has to trample the grass and enroach dangerously close to the hillstreet’s edge. He remarks a something with a lumbering sweep of arm. She laughs in ripples.

X: (from intersection parked car, passengersays) Amoeba. Jelly rolls from one jelly roll too many.

Y: (from seat of driver, says) Look! Us thin as reeds, but them, they’re taking to the sidewalk in the sun. That’s dedication.

X: (in petulant passing, as intersection parked car becomes no longer intersection parked car) Probably spent their gas money on cheeseburgers. Me, I’d roll down that hill.


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