Narcissus Upon the Face of Time

The Time Traveller let himself into the darkened room.

The Time Traveller, lying in bed, saw the man enter.

The Time Traveller walked to the bed and with cool hands reached  down, to warm naked flesh.

The Time Traveller reached up onto cool skin, undid jean buttons and grasped cock with hotslick precome.

The Time Traveller, through the back door, entered and came.

The Time Traveller groaned and ejaculated a grunt.

The Time Traveller grinned at himself and said, “Ain’t masturbation groovy?”


5 responses to “Narcissus Upon the Face of Time

  1. You know, many narcissists have remarked to us that they would fuck themselves. We always tell them that only identical twins are capable of turning such fantasies into realities. 😉

  2. You tried your hand at some half-arsed bestiality (didn’t that get half of y’all killed? And they weren’t even real horses to begin with!), and dabbled in necrophilia before turning to incest masquerading as narcissism.

    The stars are much more kinkier than one would believe; alphard could be siriusly regulused with the denebs of the constellations…

  3. @The Dioscuri
    that reminds me of … book recommendation :
    The Thought Gang – by Tibor Fischer. In fact, it’s about time I re-read it myself. Twin relevance occurs somewhere in the middle ; I don’t take the recommendation of books lightly.

  4. Agreed that book recommendations aren’t to be given lightly; I took up on your suggestion and devoured the Thought Gang. I loved it and am going to check out Tibor Fischer’s other books. The twin relevance occurs closer to the end of the book than towards the middle, and I’m not sure how it even relates to the story at all, apart (which is probably the author’s intent) from referencing a similar sensation of dread felt in the past. Thanks for the recommendation, and if there are any other zingers of novels, send ’em my way.

  5. Glad you liked it, it’s his best … his others don’t reach the same level although The Collector Collector is good, as is Under The Frog. He’s got one in the works at the moment but I’ve been waiting years for it already.

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