A Rare Dream

The house looked simple enough. Who knew it sat on top of a gigantic complex that was a zoo in its own right? A group of friends and I navigated its depths, passing through several large chambers. A minimum of details there, but near the end of the entire place we had to traverse a large crocodile pool to reach the elephant cage. It was a dark, wet place, a bit too industrial: concrete, dripping pipes, bar cages. Some of us played with the snaggle toothed animals, prying open their long jaws to watch them snap closed.

At the elephant cage there was a calf. We petted it, but the mother became agitated. She paced the cage and tried to discourage us. Someone, I think myself, tried to stop the others from pawing the baby. Well mama became pissed enough to bust open the cage door. We ran, scrambling across the crocs, up the stairs. The elephant came on. Passing through every room towards the surface, we locked and secured the door.

We didn’t take the threat too seriously at first. Angry, inexorable pachyderm! She broke through every barrier we threw up and paced in every room before puzzling the way out. By the time we reached the ground floor and escaped outside, she was on the same level, except this time she was stuck inside the house, apparently still trying to figure things out. We could see her through the windows.

We ran for our cars. Panic sang in our heads, but we knew we would be safe once we hit the road.


5 responses to “A Rare Dream

  1. I am sure you were scared in your dream, but I have to say it is pretty entertaining. 🙂 Happy dreams next time.

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