Large Hadron Rap

Kate McAlpine, a 23-year old Michigan State grad, is sucking in the hits on YouTube with, of all things, a sensational physics rap that’s set for viral stature. The Large Hadron Collider is slated to be turned on September 10th, and it is the source of horrified controversy; the LHC is believed to be capable of producing miniature black holes. There are fears that if enough miniature black holes are produced, they might migrate to the center of the earth to merge into a planet sucking black hole, a cosmic hoover vacuum, if I dare be facetious.

There are also whispers on the ‘net that Nostramadus saw this coming, and the Mayans set the Earth’s destruction at December 21, 2012. Hmm, we can’t forget the juiciest bit of the bible, Revelations. Nevertheless, this rap is entertaining, and is more accessible to the public than most physics fare. If you haven’t seen it, watch it already! The lyrics may be found here.

This here video is another installment of her Physics Rap Canon, and details the adventures of Eshel Ben-Jacob and Itay Baruchi in the world of neurochips.

6 responses to “Large Hadron Rap

  1. Seems like the world has always been just about to end, each generation has just walked in at the end of the movie.
    Personally, I having a party for the ‘switching on’…the LHC is perhaps the pinnacle of mans ingenious achievements.
    And of course, the same physics that allows micro-black holes to form also sees their almost instantaneous evaporation into Hawking Radiation. No worries there then, but perhaps a Nobel for our four wheeled, robot-voiced hero.
    So I shall be holding a charged glass aloft…to those brave minds. Bring on the knowledge.

  2. A paa-rty! Fantastic idea.

    I do hope something monumental does come out of it (apart from a dimension sucking Cthulu) because a lot of people will be pissed if all that money went to ‘nothing’, and that could impede scientific progress in the future.

  3. This is big and beautiful. I am a fan of crazy scientists who make science interesting. The collaboration wouldn’t have been if there wasn’t a real benefit. Oh, the glorious uncertainty of science is like poetry

  4. yes. always yes.

    dark matter is the higgs boson, ha ha.

    think of it this way. you’re swimming. water resistance slows down your movements. that is the the same thing the higgs does to the particles we know and love. it is a field that permeates the cosmos and glues stuff together. if it is real, that is.

  5. “There are fears that if enough miniature black holes are produced, they might migrate to the center of the earth to merge into a planet sucking black hole…”

    No, there are NOT fears of any such thing happening by anyone that is in a position to make a definitive judgment about it. I mean that not a single one of the thousands of particle physicists in the world believes there is a danger.

    There are fears among some in the rest of the population because of a couple of fear mongers and a wacko who have found that filing a frivolous law suit claiming a doomsday danger is a great way to get a lot of attention.

    I’ve written about the incompetence and “eccentricity” of the alarmists in a blog post Large Hadron Collider: What’s the Risk?

    So, relax and enjoy the Rap video. The words are great and the dancing is so bad it’s good.

  6. The above poster [onscrn] is correct about the LHC, and yet hopelessly wrong about ‘the most important of questions’. Perhaps a fine example of a partitioned mind.
    Given his love of commenting on the blogs of others (shamelessly touting for business) I find it distinctly cowardly that he accepts no comments on his own ; instructive.

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