Death on the Side

The common variety of roadkill—coons, possums, deer, and the occassional bobcat—on the roadside do not elicit the pang that stabs the stomach upon seeing a cat or a dog. You can’t help but wonder about the circumstances that brought these poor creatures to the dismal end of having their intestines splayed along the highway. Was it a runaway, hopelessly searching the lanes for the warmth of home? Did it fall out of a car window, a cry strangled in the owner’s throat as she witnesses the carnage through the rearview mirror?

2 responses to “Death on the Side

  1. if i let myself, i will think similar thoughts about the common roadkill, my little girl imagination still thinking of possum and squirrel families from board books and nursery school

  2. Well, we can blame Beatrix Potter for that.

    Ha, no… raccoons can make pretty good pets actually. There’s some videos on youtube. I wouldn’t mind having one. I remember fishing at a dam early one morning, and I spot a coon ambling out of the foliage for a morning walk. It goes to a trickle in the dam, flowing pretty good having rained the night before, and it peers at me with glittering eyes, lowering his hands into the flow. “How human!” I remember remarking to myself. I watched with amazement as the coon washed its hands, and I wanted to throw him an apple, but I didn’t have one.

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