bang bang pow pow

Buffalo Bill showman of the plains mustache in the wind pistols crackling at the sky (a slug arcs to punch into the head of a papoose at an Indian camp five miles away and the mother carries him for hours before she emits a bloodcurdling scream) riding into the throng of bison pointing steel burping and belching explosive death pow crash of pelt and eyes rolling in their sockets above foaming mouths lips of cowboy buffalo killer bang expelling exultation in long wild yahoos primal and cruel sport conscience driving pow these rough people towards extreme extermination the mound of stinking rotting flesh building bang a tower of bones where bang blind buffalo eyes gaze across the red prairie the sinking sun bringing no respite to the carcass wind and the pow charnel mornings tear open the crusted eyes of weary cowboys slinking onto horses dragging their flanks pow the indians with far away sad eyes finger their long stolen rifles and bang turn their backs on the circus…bang, bang, pow!


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