Was It An Inside Job?

I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t think there were planes. Just a magnificent, sweetly orchestrated hoax in a symphony of lies.

In deep greed and perhaps a misguided attempt to unite the country (a la Watchmen) the powers that be plunged the America into an unprecedented, unwarranted war. The twin towers, a display of enduring strength after having survived several disasters, were brought down by a pair of aluminum planes on September 11, 2001. Americans were glued to their televisions with the viscosity only horror could provide. Panic attacks palpitated many an American heart and the common man cowered in the streets, imagining dynamite strung under each turban they encountered.

The powers that be, in their high silvery towers, smiled, chortled over brandy, shook cigar-studded hands in grand congratulate. Job well done, heel well ground! Instant obedience, utter solidarity under questionable leadership, total acceptance of suspect laws. Fear does that to people. Not your fault, not our fault. Seven years later, many still engage in the blind faith that suited them just well before, and others have opened their eyes and begun to wonder for themselves.

As for myself, I knew from the beginning that something was up, some game afoot. The footage of Bush in the classroom: a harried man damned to a timetable he has to meet, cursed with a devil’s deal, tarrying in the room of children who are much better company than the insipid, evil lot that somehow congealed under his wing. Price of power. The strange move of targeting Iraq made even stranger by the fact that all the people who stood to profit from the maneuver were in some way connected to the administration. Halliburton, the Carlyle group, Saudi connections, and as an aside, Silverstein (who bought the WTC a few months before the date, and after the incident he tried to get double its value from the insurance company, citing that two planes meant the policy should be counted twice. He stands to profit from the Freedom Towers 2, 3, 4. Dumb luck, damned misfortune, or calculated move? Your pick).

I also don’t think there were planes and I think the media was alerted. At least they all were playing from the same script. Two things, probably both. Bombs in the buildings. Missiles from the planes. A fly by of planes squirting strategically placed rockets, and the evil minions man the news cameras (all from the same vantage point, same orientation) and make the necessary on the fly editing. Clever. The amateur magician in me is awed at the elegant sleight of hand, incredible in scope and scale; the cynic in me scoffs with disbelief, that’s crazy! but there’s a creeping doubt tracing my nervous system. Brings chills. Makes me think of the Illuminati. The stuff that bubbles from the crackpots of them crazy conspiracy theorists? Lunacy is getting normal, and become the smiles of politicians. Perhaps the world is full of forever hidden truths, its history a strata of lies layered upon lies, sunken in its own tar pit of half-conscious guilt.

I can’t believe this turned into a rant. It isn’t a rant, really. I don’t much care. I admit I’m a bad citizen. I can’t complain about the political situation and pretty much everything else. I don’t vote. I get dirty looks for that: “You’re running the country down.” “Apathetic sumbitch!” “Go move to Canada or something!” All things considered… I would vote in Canada.


7 responses to “Was It An Inside Job?

  1. Well, apparently I am, yes. It was a conscious effort by people in power to consolidate their position financially, and–I am loath to even consider this–it puts their humanity into question. I could go on a metaphysical spiel stating that people in all their forms is humanity, no matter how horrendous or how sugar-coated, but I like to think people exist in the middle path. Where, in favor of the positive qualities of our species–the glass is half full–everyone’s just, with their bad days.

  2. you have an interesting mind. i have never thought this (the conspiracy) though i have heard it mentioned but i do share the political apathy. i hate making uninformed decisions and i never feel i can make a truly informed political decision, so i don’t. i don’t even really try because i don’t really think it’s possible.

  3. I’ve also heard/read that it could be an inside job, but still it is hard to believe anyone (or group) could do such a thing no matter how much financial gain they get. I really would like to believe that’s not the case…am I one of those who like to believe what he/she wants to without even looking at the evidences presented?

    This subject is close to my heart because there was this person (that I cared about ) who strongly believed the 9.11 was a conspiracy and I used to think he was a little crazy… but in retrospect I wish I did not dismiss the idea so easily…even if it turns out that’s not the case.

  4. Becca: A whole bunch of us are in the same boat, though many still go through the postures of caring. Their fathers and mothers were republicans… so they’re republicans. Their co-workers are democrats… so, what the hey, let’s be democrats. Although it may seem like it, America isn’t a two party state. There are other parties in contention, and though some entries in the list might incur some laughs, one might wonder why people don’t seriously consider these alternatives…
    It isn’t shameful to be apathetic. It is just representative of the country’s condition. If it were healthy, a lot more people would care.

    as you are: You would be surprised as to the lengths people will go to get what they want. The reasons could be myriad. I can understand the indignation felt when one dares suggest the very government responsible for looking out in the country’s best interests are in fact the villains of the story. Well, I can’t tell you if you’re one of the people who believes something without research(I’m sometimes guilty of that myself)… you have to trust your feelings and keep an open mind if your information should turn out to be erroneous, no matter how horrible this may make you feel.

  5. Labels enable politicians manipulate people easily because once you are labeled, you are reduced to a person with that particular view and everything else is lost. And sadly the mass falls for it, I think that explains why Bush got re-elected. The mass is not necessarily smart collectively. And I am afraid it might happen again this time around…

  6. Yes, that’s right! With labels you become a statistic, a variable to be slotted into an equation. It will happen again. It is always happening, this being an integral part of the Human Condition.

    Man has his ways, and they work better in some scenarios that others. Keep in mind the last 100 years was equivalent to like millions of years of evolution (if you subscribe to that school) technological wise. We are still coping with an accelerated life. Priorities are kinda outta whack. Toddlers and teenagers undergo similar brain development, hence their “irrational” behavior during these years… why not the same for humans, as a species?

    ADD, ADHD, Bipolarity, Schizophrenia, Cancer, Alzheimer’s. These are products of our century. It will smooth out. It has to, or it’s to the rubbish bin for the species. It would be a slow death, if we don’t burn or disease ourselves to death first.

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