Blue Dreams

“When I bring up his father, he becomes very upset and says he is nothing like his father and goes home to drink, which makes him very much like his father.”

He snapped awake in the frigid night, chest heaving. Moonlight poured through the window into his small room, splashing silver light on his narrow bed, the bottle of rum on a single chair, jacket on the coat hanger. His breath steamed cold blue picture-scenes and in all of them he died. He shivered. “I’ve been in the reality game too long. I need a vacation,” he muttered and turned in bed, throwing the blanket over his shoulders.

“Poor chap. Got his head in the sand. Liable to rip it out, if he tried, and he’d be running ’round like a headless chicken.”

“He’s been through enough. He’s been—well, is—everybody. I wish we could cut him a break.”

“Discovered morality, haven’t you? You and your fads. Besides, he’s been broken. He can’t change anything.”

“Remember it’s also yourself you’re talking about.”

This time the Time Traveller woke to the sepulchral fog that flooded the countryside to drown the town square, and from his window he watched a cat on a ledge paw the condensation. The fog swirled and eddied: he could empathize. The moon, a grinning half dollar, lay low in the sky. In the silver scene he pulled his jeans on, slipped into a shirt, took his jacket, and went out of the door.

On second thought he came back for the rum.

4 responses to “Blue Dreams

  1. I really love this. What a character. The quotes cause questions about who he is, yet at the same time give such an explanation I don’t wonder.

    I have a challenge for you! Write a vignette on a female character who isn’t a wife, mother, or girlfriend…

    not that I mean anything by this–it is simply a challenge. Feel free to give me one…

  2. Tasty. I’ll take it!

    Well I beat you to the punch, really. I started writing a vig about such a character a week ago or so, but just left it in the back burner to simmer. I have a whole bunch of half started and half completed pieces that I skip and hop through. I reckon I could elaborate a bit more on that vig, or maybe try for a clean slate. It’ll be out one of these days.

    I’d like to sling one back at ya as well, as soon as I think of something

  3. I love the first quote, it made me laugh, not like “haha”, maybe more like “ha” if that differentiation makes sense to you, which I’m almost certain it does since you use a lot of conversation in your pieces.

    The first time I read it, I took in the descriptions, the second time through I actually began to hear the conversations and get a better idea of the whole scene.

    Aside from your writings, I’m not that accustomed to this type of writing, so I think it takes me a while to understand how to read it because I’m out of habit, approaching it as I would something less nuanced.

    I’m glad you found my blog and started commenting so that I could find your blog and start commenting. It’s a very good thing 🙂

  4. Aww, I’m sorry my writing is such a chore to slog through… ha.

    I’m immensely glad you’re taking something out of this. (This that I regard as half-arsed “blowing my hole” which I’m starting to take a little more seriously than I have).

    Well finding your blog was totally random, but I liked what I read. The rest is history, I’d say.


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