Crazy Dumbsaint of the Mind

To the visitor, if you should happen to happen by again, who found my site with the search tag of “‘dumbsaint of the mind’ mean”…

Well, crazy dumbsaint of the the mind is number six on a list titled BELIEF & TECHNIQUE FOR MODERN PROSE by Jack Kerouac.

I’d think it means a whole lot of things.

Dumb: mute, passive, non-questioning.

Saint: beatific, accepting, holy.

So a dumbsaint might refer to a person being of the mind to accept all things that happen, to absorb them into his experience without any urge to change or correct, with complete understanding that all things happen and are happening, and portray these things in his mind without judgement.

So be a crazy dumbsaint of the mind and the world becomes your oyster, a buffet of experience to be sampled with finger-licking delight without judgement and prejudice restricting your choices.


3 responses to “Crazy Dumbsaint of the Mind

  1. Die infidel s, die! Welcome to the sentence, I.

    When with revolutionaries, drink whiskey and fire guns above your head. When with Tibetan monks, chant in Sanskrit and abate yourself. With satanists, offer some blood and apologize if it isn’t virginal. Keep an expression of awe on your face, and you will begin to believe your awe.

    The world is full of twisting reality tunnels that jostle against each other; not unlike a vat of writhing eels. To dumbsaint is to drink in the moment, become the moment, merge your reality tunnel with the scene happening.

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