Jack and Buck

Jack: My, my, you’re incisive today.
Buck: I have to be. Otherwise I wouldn’t be very useful, don’t you think?
Jack: The least you could do is stop being a prick.
Buck: It’s the nitty gritty of reality.
Jack: Well, reality hurts.
Buck: There’s no pixie dust, no royalty to transport. That’s fantasy. This is the next best thing, believe me.
Jack: I don’t need reminding. Well, that fantasy is one of my favorite stories. Thanks for ruining it.
Buck: Why am I not surprised?
Jack: I’ve had quite an influence on popular culture.
Buck: The same is true for me, but I’m cutting edge.
Jack: (sighing) What are you going to do, gut me?
Buck: That’s the idea.
Jack: (toothily) I don’t mean to be square… but why are you doing this?
Buck: (indifferent) It’s necessary. The circumstances demand it.
Buck: Uhh. Who knew you had a seedy underbelly! Thought that only happened in crime fiction.
Jack: (self-absorbed) It’s not fair.
Buck: That’s true, but when I’m done, you will be.
Jack: Huh?
Buck: You do have a nice grin…
Jack: (warming up) I do, don’t I?
Buck: …but your eyes are a bit bent out of shape.
Jack: And here I am, thinking you were being nice for a change.
Buck: I don’t mean to slice and dice your feelings.
Jack: It’s your nature, huh?
Buck: Yes. (sharply) It’s not like I can help it.
Jack: (despondent) At least you don’t stab my back.
Buck: …yet. (stabs Jack’s back)
Jack: What was that for?!
Buck: Dunno. More light, maybe? You sure can hold a candle.
Jack: I sure can, don’t I?
Buck: (sincerely) Yes you can, and it’s brilliant.
Jack: (happily) I’ll forgive you. You know not what you do.
Buck: Yeah. I’m just glad I won’t be turned into pie.
Jack: (miserable) I knew it was too good to be true… once a prick, always a prick.
Buck: It can’t be easy being a pumpkin. Rotting, forgotten in the compost.
Jack: At least I bring joy. What do you draw but blood?
Buck: Blood and meaty orange pulp. Good knowing you, Jack.
Jack: Well, fuck you, Buck. (sarcastic) It was nice while it lasted.


7 responses to “Jack and Buck

  1. i always do this, leave a comment, think some more and then leave another comment. sorry.

    anyways, i like the reference to Cinderella (pixie dust, royalty and the Jesus on the cross statement- you know not what you do)

    also, that it hurts, and it’s not the fantasy, but the pumpkin is going to serve a purpose (or several if you eat the seeds and make a pie along with using him as a decoration) and the idea that only after being carved up can the candle light shine through (maybe people are like this too).

    this also reminds me we need to get Harvey, our ceramic pumpkin out

  2. How’s Harvey looking these days?

    A pumpkin’s quite useful. I hope to be growing myself a patch next year. And yes people are like that. Just yesterday I was asked about damaged goods and what I felt about that. The general definition of damaged goods is a person who’s gone through so much that s/he is left with emotional baggage, and/or being a single parent and/or saddled with great financial debt. A person unlucky in the standards of life. I said that it wasn’t fair to regard a person as damaged goods. The rock under a waterfall is weathered by the current, slowly eroding in fantastic shapes. It is the same. A person goes through so much, and the mind, personality (psychically) changes as dictated by the emotional currents of Life, based upon the the behaviors and codes formulated in early life. Some people might seem grisly in comparison, but they are not damaged goods from an impersonal vantage point.

    I’m glad you liked the Cinderella and Jesus reference. I wasn’t sure if that would be clear enough. I wanted it to seem as if the knife was a tool, doing things that was out of his control, and knew it. Like Jesus; He knew He was going to die, but he couldn’t alter his course.

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