Hiatus (Of Sorts)

I don’t know what he expects to accomplish standing at an intersection that promises dense traffic in the mornings and waving with a subordinate at his side holding a giant sign with an arrow and the legend “This is Sean Tevis!” One of the more bizarre campaign tactics I’ve seen, and it makes minor sense, Johnson County being the county seat of the entire state of Kansas and one of the hottest national real estate commodities for millionaires… but I don’t see how it would cause a person ignorant of a politician’s opinions and beliefs to suddenly vote, or change their vote, but for perhaps the opportunity to proclaim, “I saw him waving on my curb this morning!”

I have regrettably not contributed much to the blog as of lately, owing to a relocation of addresses and the first ever participation in NaNoWriMo (why the hell haven’t I heard of this before?! It’s a huge deal), so there are emails to answer, posts to share (probably excerpts from my novel in progress), and a chance to wish good luck to y’all others who are participating as well.


2 responses to “Hiatus (Of Sorts)

  1. Thank you, but unfortunately this year didn’t work out for me. I am going to sign up for the screenplay version of nanowrimo (i forget what it’s called) and see how I do there. Otherwise, until next year…

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