midnight thoughts

a writer’s reality is arbitrary. things gain a life of their own. teeth may speak in mouths. voices may clamor from the surf. dreams are inspirations and the death knell. why the obsession with words? just soundthings given written form. meaning uttered from tremblings of meat. bounces of sound and light; pushings of atoms and photons. what defines importance? the inherent properness of living life? the RIGHT way to live? arbitrary. the consensual song denies arbitrariness and demands a code of rigour, a method to the madness, a conforming charade.

well, i won’t waltz. I’ll tango in the stead.


One response to “midnight thoughts

  1. “why the obsession with words”?
    I think it is passion. Passion inspires us to explore and experience to the fullest. Words are one form of artistic expression. So you are an artist who tangos with words… I like the last line – nice play on words.

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