Captain Succotash

Captain Succotash flung his rigmarole in the ring and skipped town. Captain Succotash’ s sole suffered a pointed metaphor and Captain Succotash put his foot in his mouth. Every and all simile ended afterwards. With pretenses healed and licked Captain Succotash fell from above in a swoop. The women were frightened and sought the attentions of marmalade smiles. The watermelon rind of Succotash’s pickled in vinegary neglect. Dill ho! He went on to the next sex toy and pleased villas. Hammering on roofs Captain Succotash pounded the days away with a nail between his eyeteeth, tile after tile. Captain Succotash beat off the hot sun and tasted the moonlight. Tiring of roof jobs Captain Succotash boomeranged into town to pick up his rigmarole.


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