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A submission, Asked of the Lord, was accepted by, an online literary magazine edited by Corisa Moreno of the fabulous flash fiction site 32 Word Stories. This site is all about names and what they mean to us. Feel free to submit a story about your name, especially if there’s an interesting story behind it all.

8 responses to “Accepted Submission @

  1. Don’t you love it when randomness takes you to something interesting? I hope you will continue to think so, because these days it feels like my muse is abandoning me.

    Naturally curiosity brought me to your blog, and I find you have a distinctive style that’s complex and no less entertaining. One only wonders how people find their particular voices…

  2. The muse is a contrary sow. I try and catch her sometimes with a box propped on a stick and baited with delicious corn, but it seldom works. Voices come like speaking in tongues after years of silent prayer.

    Congratulations on having your submission accepted; makes you feel kind of warm and vindicated, doesn’t it?

    I will most certainly continue to read you, and thank you for looking at my blog as well.

    Best fishes,

    Sack Posset

  3. Thanks y’all.

    Sack – I reckon I’ll be more creative in baiting my muse. Usually it’s like a bird with my windowsill a favorite pecking place. Maybe I’ll mine my mind with cats.

    Becca – Well, I didn’t turn out the way they expected. I didn’t (don’t) exactly live the way of God they would like, but that, remarkably, hasn’t one whit lessened their love and trust in me. As for the terms of my so called disability, I’d say they succeeded with flying colors.

  4. I will reiterate the other compliments on this piece and add: what an interesting concept for a journal! Name calling in a non-pejorative sense…very nice. And of course your piece fits perfectly–seemless melding of personal story and biblical story…

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