Dialogues Vol. 1: The Stuff of Dreams

“Do dogs dream?”

“Sure they do. See how their legs twitch when they sleep?”

“That doesn’t really tell us anything.”

“I’ve seen a sleeping dog run into a wall. You know what?”


“Why do you think it is that animals dream?”

“Assuming they do dream. Probably for the same reasons people do, which isn’t really saying very much.”

“True enough, but think about it. The habits of people are learned. They are passed on via channels of social constructs. Family, peers, self preseverance.”


“Animals are different! Pure instinct propels them from the womb, yolk, and what not. What is the stuff of instinct? What incorporates it into the animal’s brain?”

“Beats me. It’s one of these things we’ll never figure out.”

“Well, I propose that dreams are encoders in which DNA programs the organism with aggregate behaviors learned in the species’ lineage, triggered by the various hormones that occur within each development phase…”

“Sounds a bit far-fetched, man.”

“It’s not something that should be easily dismissed. You see—”


“—oh, shit, did you see that?”

“That dang dog just up and ran into the wall! Well, I’ll grant you that; maybe dogs do dream.”


2 responses to “Dialogues Vol. 1: The Stuff of Dreams

  1. Once there was a girl who was raised by a pack of wild dogs and she got rescued and she went to hospital and she grew up and was normal and she fell in love with a man and she married him and she got pregnant and she gave birth to a litter of puppies. True fact.

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