At the End of It All…

When the bombs fell and the people were driven from their homes, the first indignity they suffered was the lack of personal amenities. Sure, their store lasted for a while, longer for the more prudent, prepared ones, but in a year or two, it all ran out. The shelves of fallen grocery stores lay bare with rat droppings amid the clutching vines that spread across the shattered plate glass windows. Tenements filled with corpses of addicts instinctively holing up when the drugs dried up. The giant holding gas tanks under the abandoned filling stations became enclaves of insects and small mammals. Canned food.  Medicine. Toothpaste. Toilet paper. It all ran out.They bent against walls, their assholes spluttering from the rank meat they found for their starving bellies, meat sometimes half rotting crawling with lugubrious maggots. They wailed, looking about for something to wipe their arse with, sometimes settling for taking their shirt off and discarding it on the ground where wild dogs would later drag off to gnaw in the shade. Others would brave it with bare hands, holding them at arm’s length until a brook was found. Never was the simpler luxuries more appreciated.


3 responses to “At the End of It All…

  1. I was thinking the other day, about which way things were really going to go in the future – forwards or backwards. We always seem to assume that things will continue to advance, but sometimes I wonder if we will actually go backwards a bit (or a lot), and if so, some people who are really equipped for the future right now will be SOL, where people that no one thinks will survive in the future will be most well off and be able to adjust the most. And the rest of us in the middle…I guess it would just depend…either one has it’s own scary elements though, really…and of course, in some ways, going backwards could actually be very beneficial or relieving, but I don’t know how many people would see it that way…of course, in a way right now (in recession), some people are going back to values and practices of our grandparents or great grandparents…we’re better off with out the excess, but as long as someone has more, people will feel like they’re missing out…I’m rambling…

  2. History is a yo-yo. Nothing ever goes up without falling at least once. We are built on the bones of our ancestors, as our children will also build on ours.

    I’m of the thought that it doesn’t matter what happens, life goes on. Someone will always benefit, and someone will always get fucked. You just hope you don’t get the short end of the stick.

    Sometimes rambling is the best way to pour things from the brain.

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