unwise words

ask open ended questions that do not elicit yes/no answers

consider your general level of wisdom and without fail find it sorely lacking

drink a lot of water when your mood gets low

bodily functions are normal, and don’t let anyone guilt you into social convention (so what if you like the smell of your own fart…)

scream if you have to, just not at somebody

get a fucking hobby, and don’t be ashamed about it

take your heart out for a walk; live a little, go above 100 bpm

be responsible for something living. if not a child, get a fish. or a dog

return your cable box and if you must have tv, go to the library for dvds

yes. read. anyone who said “don’t you get any ideas” probably never read

when your ears ring, sing along

it is impossible to be bored. if you are bored, it’s only your own fault

when you become angry, investigate yourself. despite the wrong done to you, it’s never worth becoming mindless

no expectations = greatly reduced disappointments and increased delight in success

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