The Boneyard

In the Boneyard, second rate skeletons worried at the ruptured ground with pick-axes and shovels as a hairy man prowled along the ranks with loud exhortations in the form of blatant threats. The skeletons pulled the coffins one by one from the ground and salvaged the bones of occupants inside. They drew the flesh, if there were any left, upon their faces as caricatures of their lost humanity. It was in this way they were able to build a war machine constructed entirely of human bones. At the end of the week, the Boneyard had no more dead buried, and the hairy man, now containing his unpedigreed locks within a frayed stove-pipe hat, commandeered the army of bone men pulling the bone wagon. His first act of war was to torch the dredged coffins, and it was a frightening spectacle to behold the procession of skeletons pulling a creaking, hulking structure capable of crushing any man or beast in its path, this illuminated from behind by the paroxysm of fire.


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