God in the Face of Infinity

“So…” God threw the thesis on the table with a thump that resonated in the holy chamber. “This many worlds interpretation…it’s valid?”

The angel’s brow was lined with golden droplets of sweat. “I-it would seem so, O Lord.”

The Almighty sighed and settled heavily into his throne. “The first commandment.” He shook His radiant head. “I’m a fucking fraud. Now everyone’ll think I’m as narcissistic as the devil.”

“But my Lord–,” the angel cut himself short, the consequences of continuing the thought out loud evident in God’s glare.

“In an infinity of Myself, originality is dead. What point is there in continued existence?”

“Lord, if I may interject?” the angel trembled, averting his gaze.

“Go on.”

“Almighty, have you ever watched The Highlander?”


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