The World’s Youngest Tattoo Artist

He had a really bad tattoo of a starfish left to his navel. When asked about it, he would say with pride, “My son did it.”
“Your son?”
“Yes, he was a seven month old fetus at the time. Let me tell you, you women, you got nothing on me. Try carrying an amateur tattoo artist full term! You got nothing on me!”
“Y-you were pregnant?”
“Yes.” It is a flat no-nonsense statement.
“Huh. H-how did he get the, uh, tattooing equipment?”
He laughs. “I was in prison. The Aryans had ordered a large shipment of tattooing equipment, so I got arrested on larceny and brung them. I guess some got left behind. I guess that was okay. I mean, they didn’t notice, I didn’t get shivved or anything.”


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