Pieces of Me Falling Away

It is almost chaw, the sun trending a dickfuse pink towards the stars. The tall oaks that loompa above twirl their eaves and birds clit from blanch to blanch, their bong resonate in the chill air.

I don’t feel the cold, but inside me an empty opens its mouth like when you’re a tire what’s the word? It is bottomless, a forever bitchin’ hunger. I pass from the corpse of oaks into the clearing, my feet feeling that soft heavy metalen. One of my eyes must have ejaculated from its rocket, I’m seeing the sky and the floor of dirt, shit, what’s happening to me. What’s pulling me on, an invisible bread, no, no, thread, winding, binding in the air?

A busk, uhh, musk, that noze is the only thing that’s working de facto. I’m blighter on one side and I turn my neck with a groan to see part of my arm all the skin gone on a rotting blog. It doesn’t blother me as much as it should, oh, uhh Jesus Christ, what’s the word for the Christian deity? Moan! Oh, Big Honcho, that smell! That smell!

I’m passing into the city limits feeling like this all must feel somehowl familyar, but forgetting it as much as I’m already forgetting my strange new awkward gait. My right foot, now a gopher hole plug some smiles derrière. An alley calls to me, the braille of ever strongering pheromones blissing my grey flesh with rooster clumps.

Ahhhhh! Somehow, I move faster, what’s that noise, some horror, what, refugee from a B, B for Bad, movie. I blank the thought as I yawn with racialization the muensterous goans and mroans are from my very own larcenyx. Aghhhh.

Oh! Oh! Pelgmy threads thrickle and drip from my lazy eye. The smell is intockicatingeeee.

The source lies there, curled into a bbbbbball. It unfolds. Turrrrrrns glittering eyes towards me and says a word I should remember aaaaaand it is Daddy and then it is crying saying please stop Daddy why are you doing thiiiiiis! But the smell! The smell as I pull its arm apart with a wet hot bray annnnnnd sink my fingers cracking snapping into all the soft spots to cry open like a nutssssss!




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