The Sketchbook Project 2012

Why do I always wait until the last minute? Because I do my best during a cramfest. At least I like to tell myself that. So I had less than a week to complete this sketchbook. I chose to do a graphic novella based on my sketchbook’s theme — Time Traveler. The Time Traveller is also a frequent guest of my vignettes, in small and strange stories exploiting the temporal possibilities of such a lifestyle.

This is explored further in this graphic novella. The majority of it was done within a ten hour period. Please read and comment. Disregard any errors you might find, and don’t mind the sloppy last-minute artwork. Or do. Tell me what you think. Insults, solicitations, questions, advice, psychic readings, and then some are welcome.

The pdf version of my sketchbook — Man of the Multiverse: The Ballad of the Time Traveller

Here’s also the pdf to my 2011 Sketchbook Project Submission. More about The Sketchbook Project 2012 and then some.


3 responses to “The Sketchbook Project 2012

  1. I enjoyed it! There were times when I didn’t follow the story (particularly the ending), but I guess that’s par for the course for time travel. And I’m a sucker for science fantasy time travel: Doctor Who, the Shifter, whatever.

    Have you written anything about the Time Traveller for Ficly?

  2. I had a feeling the ending wouldn’t be too obvious. I was hoping the purple eyes would give it away. The Time Traveller died, and was reincarnated as his own mother. In the Alternate Ending section, he’s reincarnated as himself. Interestingly enough I recently watched this mindblowing movie by Gaspar Noe titled Enter the Void. It’s an interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. It chronicles a soul’s entrance into the Bardo and its subsequent exit. Though I’ve heard of the Book of the Dead, its details weren’t know. I found it intriguing that my little Time Traveller graphic piece echoed some of the ideas in it.

    I might have written something about the Time Traveller. I’ve left so many storylines dangling in ficly. I remember suggesting something about expanding the profile space for ficly users to include the option of naming and linking storylines; the titles for the storylines themselves could be decided by a consensus of favorites or something like that.

    But… I’ve written several stories here on the blog. You can find them here

    The earliest stories are my favorites. I also have a group of multiversal travellers called The Fractal Rangers in a total of three stories I had a great time writing. Princess Pop is the spunky one. Archetype Amigo is miserable. Professor Perfesser Prof is like Dr. Who crossed with that bald, long white bearded Robert Crumb character. If you do read them, please let me know what you think.

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