Bits and Pieces of Death

They found him keeled over and clutching a white gilded mushroom. He stirred and said, “I just wanted to taste a destroying angel…”

Before the deployment, his father gave him an engraved silver lighter for luck. It was his grandfather’s. He kept it in a chest pocket and pulled it out occasionally to smoke a spliff. During an exchange of gunfire a bullet caught him right in the lighter. His father received from the military a package containing a mangled silver lighter and soot covered dog tags.

The barrel was cold in his mouth. When he pulled the trigger it clicked. He was curious what it felt like to have a gun in his mouth. He pulled the trigger again. Then again. And for the last time, an overlooked bullet punched through the roof of his mouth and severed his spinal cord. His friends and family were astonished and said things like ‘He was so happy’ and ‘I don’t understand how this could have happened…’

It hung belly up in its bowl of water. It lay stiff and cold in the cage, its eyes and mouth grimaced open, its long ears a-lop. Its purr dwindled off to silence. After a series of small barks its rise of breath shuddered into non-motion. He sat in his deathbed and removed the tubing that crowded his arm and died happily.



in the holy aeroplane the wind tears the words from the mouth…blue cadillacs rutting along pink beetles…an oaken elder sheds dandruff like leaves…fisherboy on a grassy bank where the bob drowns…the deer are blind to the orange blaze in the forest…forked tongue tickling a wee babe’s cheek with a sound of a rattle…rain of putrid and stinking tomatoes bloodies the fleeing man…the red hourglass makes its way on a dewdrop’d thread…Death angels in the field of play, white and luminous amid romp of child’s feet, hooded fungus of unholy beauty in the rain, drinking from the vibrant grass.