Miscellaneous #11

The oilman put down his Black Russian and spread his grimed hands, shrugging: “The crude abides…”

It takes a wrong and a wrong to make a right or a simple clockwise turning of the steeringwheel.

The road slick taunted him. He braked, just to see. Tires slid silently over black-sheened ice.

Pen dragon, harnessed by giant’s hand and captive to the gray matters of its whims, vomits gouts of ink on virgin plains.

The cat sniffs the rabbit’s foot I know what she is thinking: that foot definitely is not a lucky charm for the mammal formerly whole as rabbit. Isn’t that the cat’s paw?

Regret, a sublime tool of self correction in a man’s wiser days.

Carter has just caught a cartoon. It wriggles in his hands like rubbery plastic, and he can feel the hand drawn colors on his fingertips.

Thinking ahead he pressed his foot into the threshold and thrust his hands against the turgid air that wailed and whipped past him. His eyes stung into tears and his smile abraded into a frown, he took the fatal step and relinquished his hold on the living. The howling engulfed him and nary was he seen again except in bouts of bad dreams from which one woke from, weakly laughing.